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St. Theodore Catholic School ~ Grades Pre-K-5

Now Accepting Pre-K through Grade 5 Student Registrations for the 2017-18 School Year!

St. Theodore Catholic School promotes excellence through a well-rounded academic curriculum in a Christ-Centered environment for children of all faiths. 


ST. THEODORE CATHOLIC SCHOOL RECEIVES FULL ACCREDITATION! On May 18th, 2015, the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (“MNSAA”) Board granted the St. Theodore Catholic School with Accredited Status. The Accreditation process requires a multiple year process starting with a comprehensive self study review and reporting process. An on-site accreditation team visited the school to complete their on-site assessment. The final step was for the full MNSAA board to review the entire application process and vote on the results. CONGRATULATIONS!


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Do you remember the first word that was ever spoken to you?  I’m guessing that most, if not all, of us do not.  It might have been the word of a parent uttered even before we were born.  Perhaps a grandparent or other family member.  But, I suspect that it was pretty much the same message, even if different words or a different language were used:  “I love you.”  If only we could remember those first words!  Yet, there was a word spoken even earlier than that.  Yes, at the moment our lives began God spoke a word of love to us that gave us life:  “I love you and will love you forever.”  Again, if we could only hear those words once again and let them resonate in the depths of our being!  Perhaps this is the reason why God gave us Christmas and the mystery of the Incarnation:  Jesus is the eternal Word of the Father who became one like us so that he could speak these words again:  “I love you … I forgive you … I will be with you forever.”  This Christmas I invite you to listen, accept and live this enfleshed Word of love – not LOL, but LAL:  listen, accept and live.

          LISTEN.  These are not always the easiest days to listen.  There is so much activity and noise this time of year.  It’s not all external either; some of it is our mind racing with details of hospitality, planning and preparation.  Our presence in church this evening is a good sign that we want to hear what God is saying to us.  So, take advantage of this relatively short time to quiet yourselves and listen with the ears of your heart and soul.  The first reading describes the beautiful feet of those who bring glad tidings, good news and that message is “the salvation of our God.”  The Letter to the Hebrews reminds us that God spoke in a variety of ways previously, but now through the birth of Jesus has spoken definitively, offering us loving forgiveness.  John’s prologue speaks in a poetic and profound way of the eternal Word of God coming into the world as the light offering us life.  Tonight, tomorrow or sometime during the Christmas season, please take time to listen and hear God say once again, “I love you … I want to forgive you … I am with you forever.”

          ACCEPT.  Perhaps this seems like an obvious step, but it’s not.  Who of us has not spoken a word that has been ignored or rejected?  Not everyone accepted the hope-filled message of Isaiah, nor did everyone listen to God’s Son, the Word.  John’s Gospel tells us, “He was in the world, and the world came to be through him, but the world did not know him.  He came to what was his own, but his own people did not accept him.”  God loves us so much that he gave us the freedom to accept or reject the Word and the salvation offered.  Once we hear the Word, we are faced with a decision to say “yes” or “no” to this incredible offer of love.  We are given many opportunities to say “yes” again and again in our lives, but especially at Christmas.  I encourage you to say “yes” to the Word this Christmas.

          LIVE.  It’s not enough to listen to and accept God’s Word of love.  Our faith must be put into practice.  There is an ethical dimension to Christmas and the mystery of the Incarnation.  Today’s gospel makes a remarkable claim:  “But to those who did accept him he gave power to become children of God.”  We discover our true and deepest calling – to live as children of God and disciples of Jesus.  This means that we walk in the light of Christ – his teaching and his example.  Even more, we become messengers of glad tidings and good news to others … sometimes with words, but most often by the way we live and treat one another.  Yes, it is quite a challenge and can be daunting at times, but we do not accomplish this feat by ourselves.  No, we rely upon God’s help and direction:  “From his fullness we have all received, grace in place of grace.”  Please live out this saving Word.

          Whenever we look at a nativity scene or any of the Christmas symbols, we should try to remember the message being spoken to us by God in Jesus’ birth:  “I love you … I want to forgive you … I will be with you forever.”  Listen, accept and live this saving word.  In this Christmas Eucharist we are given the opportunity to praise and thank our God for this incredible gift.  Let’s strive to do so with our entire heart and mind and soul, and say a more complete “yes” or “amen” to God!